Sunday, April 01, 2007

Weekend Box Office -- Friday Estimates

Box Office Prophets has the early figures from Friday. It looks like Will Ferrell's silly "Blades Of Glory" will have a solid first week, doing $34 million. Disney's horribly reviewed "Meet The Robinsons" animated flick is at second with $27 million, but I'd expect it to drop hard next week. Certainly "The Last Mimzy" did. One of the worst-named movies in memory, "Mimzy" dropped a horrific 75% from $12.1 million last week to $3.8 mil this week. On a sad note, Miramax foolishly pretended the quiet little drama "The Lookout" was a thriller, putting out a misleading, action-packed trailer and releasing it on almost 1000 screens. It's a nice little indie film that got good reviews for the marvelous Joseph Gordon-Levitt and should have been treated as such. Instead, it got a ridiculous launch that will only make about $1.6 million and lose a lot more because of the expense of making all those prints. Gordon-Levitt is an actor, not an action hero and anyone seeing the trailer wouldn't have the slightest clue he is a brain-damaged janitor instead of expecting Jean Claude Van-Damme or something. Idiots.

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