Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Nick Drake Album

Nick Drake died or committed suicide 33 years ago and we've had numerous reissues of his three proper albums, a fourth album of outtakes, a boxed set, biographies, and a documentary. And if you haven't heard his three classic CDs, you can't go wrong with any of them but start with "Pink Moon." Surely we've heard everything there is to hear from him? Of course not. A new CD out June 19 contains demos and covers and sing-alongs with his sister, not to mention two solo numbers by his mom (and bless her, but why they're included other than to cajole her into releasing this stuff is beyond me). Apparently, the family used to hand out home-made cassettes to people who visited where he grew up. Now we're getting to hear it all too. One song in particular intrigues me: a cover of Jackson C Frank's "Blues Run The Game," a classic tune covered by Simon & Garfunkel and included in my friend's film "The Street."


Anonymous said...

It's obvious why they've included some of Moly Drake's tracks, I've heard the album and must say my first thought was that it was a fantastic idea to include the tracks.

Even from a purely historical point of view, but specially because it becomes increasingly clearer who Nick Drake really was and where he came from. Moly's writing and performing style is astonishingly similar to Nick's. (As in 'Poor Mum' for example)

I own nearly every Nick Drake bootleg on the market and must say this album is fantastic. For an artist of which so little material is availble, an album like this is a gem...


Kante Luis said...

thank you