Monday, August 28, 2006

Box Office Top Ten: Here, Steve Carell Is A Wiiner

"The Office's" Steve Carell might have lost out at the Emmys (thank to clueless Emmy voters), but at least his indie film "Little Miss Sunshine" was bright at the box office. It's the smartest expansion of a little film since "An Inconvenient Truth" played its cards right earlier this year. Outkast might have opened low, but it had a high per-screen average so it can hold its head up. Still, Outkast's fans came out on opening weekend so it probably won't last long. And the biggest disappointment is "Snakes On A Plane," which clearly didn't win any fans once people actually saw the movie. The Top Ten:

1. Invincible -- $17 mil
2. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby -- $8 mil ($127.7 mil total)
3. Little Miss Sunshine -- $7.5 mil ($23 mil total)
4. Beerfest -- $6.5 mil
5. Accepted -- $6.5 mil ($21.1 mil total)
6. Snakes On A Plane -- $6.4 mil ($26.6 mil total)
7. World Trade Center -- $6.4 mil ($55.6 mil total)
8. Step Up -- $6.2 mil ($50.4 mil total)
9. Idlewild -- $5.9 mil
10. Barnyard -- $5.4 mil ($54.7 mil total)

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