Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Simon Cowell; Midas Touch?

I really like Simon Cowell -- the man knows exactly what he's dealing with in "American Idol" (an inexplicable phenomenon that he and the other producers do a terrific job of keeping fresh) and he's always quotable. But that's no reason to blow wind up his arse. One story about Cowell's new show "Celebrity Duets" says he has a "Midas touch" and then goes on to cite the flop show "American Inventor" (which it calls a "modest performer") and the summer series "America's Got Talent" (which actually was a nice, if modest performer) and says breathlessly that "it did so well, NBC ordered another season." Uh, isn't that the MINIMUM standard for success -- not being cancelled? I also think AGT will not do well in January when "Idol" will be on the air as well. If they'd air it on Saturday nights, I'd be pleased. And the story fails his biggest flop ("Cupid") AND Cowell's biggest success outside of "American Idol" -- "The X Factor," which has done so well in the UK that "Pop Idol" has simply gone away.

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