Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Comix: Delay In Civil War; Chicks Dig Brokeback

Some comix info: a massive Marvel title -- "Civil War" -- has been delayed, causing consternation among comic book store owners. Since the storyline of this series -- the biggest event of the year for Marvel -- crosses titles and affects many of their biggest series, delaying "Civil war" means delaying numerous other titles or spoilers would leak out. It's just one more example, frankly, of the comic book industry migrating towards the market of trade paperbacks that collect titles. The days of kids trooping to stores for their weekly fix are long over and middle-aged collectors and casual consumers (like me) much prefer being able to buy an entire tale packaged in one book. Plus, a fun interview with a Japanese female artist who writes "boy-love" mangas, that is, titles about gay men in love. Anyone surprised by the success of "Brokeback Mountain" should have known that teenage girls would flock to it. Japanese girls LOVE gay romance and action titles and what girl wouldn't enjoy getting two hunky male leads without having to deal with any sexpot actress interfering with their fantasty? The interview is good, but see if you can spot the moment where an editor's comments were accidentally left in the text.

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