Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sam Champion Joins GMA

Local NYC weatherman Sam Champion joins Good Morning America after years of being a substitute guy and being turned down for the job when Spencer Christian stepped away. It has to be sweet for Champion, finally getting the choicest assignment possible. Champion looks like a Ken doll, frankly and my friend Ron used to joke that I should never miss Champion when he did the weather on the 11 p.m. local broadcast. But after watching him a few times, we realized he was extremely good on his delivery -- never missed a beat and always explained what was going on in easy to follow, flowing patter. We even took to listening for his quick intakes of breath -- almost invisible if you weren't listening for them but they let Champion go on and on and on when explaining weather conditions. Like Anderson Cooper, Sam Champion keeps his private life private (ahem) so I imagine getting the most visible gig in the world will only reinforce that.

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