Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The NYTimes Does Good

I constantly belittle the arts coverage of the New York Times. So I should certainly point out when they do something right: namely a profile of little-known playwright Daniel McIvor. This is exactly the sort of story the Times should be doing. My only complaint? McIvor is openly gay and has a partner. The Times would NEVER run a feature on a straight playwright and not mention their spouse or girlfriend. Plus, the piece makes a point of mentioning how McIvor tells stories from so many viewpoints convincingly: male and female, gay and straight and so on. His personal website is pretty cool too.If only biboy would make MY personal website as cool (or at least functional). (Thanks to anonymous for pointing out my incorrect take on his name.)


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you give some mention of Daniel (not David, but I suspect you are seriously multi-tasking).

I saw him in a one-man play a few years back in Montreal and he was great.

Michael in New York said...

Thanks for pointing out my error. I've never heard of him frankly, but I'm looking forward to checking him out.