Monday, August 21, 2006

Paul McCartney/Heather Mills -- Money Changes Everything

Paul McCartney didn't ask Heather Mills to sign a prenup because it wasn't romantic. Good for him. But there's nothing less romantic than an ugly divorce. Now word is that Paul will offer Heather a lump sum of 35 million to 50 million pounds (that's quite a range) and then "top-off" her payments (British slang for when you add money to, say, your subway pass or phone card) with another 3 million pounds every two years as long as no stories about their private life come out that he believes cama from her. Sweet. She can collect about $6 million every two years, wait for him to die or just wait 10 or 20 years and THEN write her memoirs without violating the agreement. Now how can I arrange a date with Ringo?