Monday, August 21, 2006

Robbie Williams: I'm Just As Big A Tramp As George Michael

Robbie Williams is a huge star in Europe, as big as any American act you can think of. He's strong on catchy pop, strong on witty quotes for the media and, bless him, weak on fidelity. Robbie won't get married for the next ten years, at least, because it doesn't suit him.
"But if you're in a relationship you have to keep your **** in your pants - and I'd struggle with that. Now I don't want one. I look at every relationship and think 'What's in it for me?"'
Williams said he understood George Michael's recent adventures on London's Hampstead Heath.
"If there was a wood near my house full of women who wanted to have sex then I'd find it difficult not to go there."

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