Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Survivor" Gets Racial

In a pretty nervy move for a major network, CBS's reality series "Survivor" is playing the race card. In the new season beginning Sept. 14, the castaways will be broken into four tribes based on ethnic lines: African-American, Asian, Hispanic and White. (As with all the other seasons, the tribes will later be combined.) Is this provocative, offensive, daring or stupid? I have no idea, but it's not often a network will even acknowledge race in such an upfront manner, much less make it a factor in how a TV show is played out. I thought I had to watch "The Wire" on HBO for an honest look at race. "Survivor" is just a game, but this stunt will certainly get people talking.


priv8pete said...

It's a great idea! Unless it ignites rioting across America. Then it's the Greatest. Idea. Ever.

I've been championing a format for Survivor where they select 8 sets of friends or couples and split them up to form the two teams of 8. Then when the merge comes it will be an extreme strain on either alliances or friendships. What could be better than that? Besides racially sensitive inspired rioting.

Michael in New York said...

That's a great idea. And if it causes the divorce rate to swell it's the greatest. Idea. Ever.