Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"StarGate SG1" Cancelled. Again.

I'll believe it when I see it. SciFi told me three years ago that they were airing what would almost certainly, without a doubt, 99.9% take it to the bank be the last season fo StarGate. But the darn thing kept chugging along, even adding viewers after most shows would have curled up and died. The spin-off "StarGate: Atlantis" just seemed to pump new life into the original. But 200 episodes and the departure of Richard Dean Anderson seem to have finally drawn the curtain on the longest-running continuing sci-fi series in history. ("Dr. Who" has continued as a franchise for decades, but that includes many different incarnations and years and years with any Dr. Who whatsover.) The final episodes will air next year. And I love this nugget of info: the series aired on Showtime for its first five years and the cable channel annoyed the producers by demanding full frontal nudity in some episodes. Hey, Showtime may not know sci-fi but it knows its audience.

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