Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Deadwood" Not Going Gentle....

I'm still in denial that anyone could be so stupid to cancel "Deadwood" after actually SEEING the brilliant third season's episodes. But that's exactly what HBO did, even though the show has a loyal fan base, is attracting 3.9 mil viewers an episode this season, gets reams of good press and Emmy nominations and basically does everything you could ask of from an HBO show. Hell, they kept "Arliss" on the air for YEARS because a small but vocal group of viewers loved it. The NY Post covers the unhappiness of viewews and pointed me towards the HBO website, where fans who are pissed use language that would fit right in on the series. The final kicker is that they did the right thing on "The Wire," which gets far less attention but is equally brilliant (if not better). How it ever got to a fourth season is beyond me.

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