Friday, August 18, 2006

Usher Dissed By NY Times?

I'm not terribly sensitive about issues of race, gender and so on. But is it just me or is it in bad taste for the New York Times to say this about Usher, who is stepping into the Broadway musical "Chicago?"
“Hope you guys have enjoyed the show,” Usher said, flashing a butter-and-cream smile. Then, in the kind of suavely self-assured voice that makes you check for your wallet, he greeted each journalist: “How you doing today?”
A voice that makes you check for your wallet? And Usher is playing a lawyer (albeit a shady one), but still a lawyer. If he was playing the Artful Dodger or something the comment might make sense. As it is, I found it a tad insensitive. Or am I just a bleeding heart conservative?

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