Friday, August 25, 2006

Early Taylor Hicks Tracks Are Released

Taylor Hicks is angry some early tracks he recorded like "Son of a Carpenter" (presumably a song about Jesus) are seeing the light of day. What did he think would happen once he won "American Idol?" If there are -- God help us -- any nude photos of him, those will come out to. Soul Patrol! The record producer -- who is being sued by Taylor for simply trying to make a buck with the stuff he recorded like any good American -- was just doing it because he loves Taylor so much.
William Smith also said he released the songs mainly to help fend off critics' bad reviews of Hicks' single, "Do I Make You Proud," released after he won "Idol" in May. "It aggravated me because I knew what a gifted performer and writer he is," Smith said. "I love Taylor Hicks, and for three months I was refuting the bad press he was getting."
Gee, thanks William.

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