Monday, November 27, 2006

The Beatles Can't Reach #1 In UK

Some retailers were hoping the "new" Beatles album "Love" would sell like their greatest hits compilation "1" and be a world-wide smash. But in the UK, it couldn't even come close to the top spot in its first week. Boy band Take That (commercially, "the Beatles of the 90s") hit #1 on the singles chart with their reunion song. But on the album chart, the original Fan Four are at #3, beaten by "Westlife: The Love Album" (another boy band) at #1 and a greatest hits package by Oasis at #2. At least they beat U2. But my favorite music story of the week is the #13 debut of the Fron Male Voice Choir with "Voices Of The Valley." They're a Welsh choir hoping to set the world on fire a la the Nineties sensation Le Mystere De Voix Bulgares. This is the one album every Mum in the UK will want and if these men can afford to tour the world (they'd win scads of media attention and new fans), they might become a worldwide hit.

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