Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Eight Millionaires On Broadway

A stunning eight different shows grossed more than $1 million on Broadway over the Thanksgiving holiday, says Variety. It doesn't say that's a record, but it's sure darn close if it isn't. Leading the pack: "Wicked," which grossed $1.7 million, more than any Broadway show in history. "The Grinch" hit second with $1.5 mil, but it cheated by performing 12 times instead of the usual eight. (The cast must be exhausted. And I wonder what waivers they had to get from the unions to do it?) "Mary Poppins" hit $1.3 mil (it's first time above $1 mil) and looks like its namebrand awareness will keep it in solid business for a few years. And "Tarzan" hit $919,000 -- a personal best. So why does it still not feel like a hit? "Grey Gardens" dipped a tad, showing it may not appeal to tourists. And "Spring Awakening" was very weak at $200,000, but that will change as soon as the reviews come out on Dec 10.

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