Monday, November 27, 2006

Hugh Jackman Becoming A TV Mogul

Hugh Jackman's latest TV project to take off is "Voyages," which is described as a Rashomon-like look at wealthy passengers on a cruise line. And if "Rashomon" was used to sell the pilot, then the network exec who greenlit this should be fired. (I love Rashomon, but that's really a dreadful way to conceptualize a show.) I'll never understand why TV is so enamored of stars that they'll let them make TV shows, even without starring in them. (Will Smith and his wife have just sold two new comedies.) I like Jackman more and more, but has he really shown good taste in material? His projects include the current flop "The Fountain," Woody Allen's dreadful "Scoop," the miserable would-be franchise "Van Helsing," "Kate & Leopold" and "Swordfish." Now that he's got more power thanks to "X-Men," hopefully Jackman will have access to better material. But has he really demonstrated the chops of a producer so far? Why would a TV network be interested in what he's doing?

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