Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Overhyped "Heroes"

Oh, I'm enjoying the show -- it's the most unexpected treat of the fall and has maintained its high quality for weeks. But last night's episode was hyped as a major turning point. I got the impression that many of the characters were going to cross paths for the first time, that we'd discover what the heck was going on, that it would be a "biggie" in every way. In fact, the ad campaing for the entire week breathlessly told us to watch it Monday night because we wouldn't want to hear about it Tuesday morning. Nope. It was another fine episode but not a turning point; not even close. In fact, I don't think there's anything someone could have told me after they saw the show that would have spoiled it for me. Peter meets the cheerleader? We knew that was going to happen. She doesn't die? We knew that was gonna happen too. What a bait and switch.

And now they're telling us that NEXT week is REALLY going to be big and we've got lots of questions and next week we're gonna get lots of answers. Why do I think this is bull? Just give us glimpses of the storylines for next week without telling us that it's going to be THE BIGGEST SHOW EVER. The hype gets very annoying.


altmike said...

Kind of reminds me of the tactics NBC used in the early 90's to promote another one of their shows- "Tonight....on a very special Blossom". Puleez. They would snag me and I would tune in waiting for something "special" to happen...never did. Sorry Mayim Bialik but that's the truth.

Michael in New York said...

Wasn't "a very special" Blossom/Happy Days/Full House usually code for a main character considering having sex or someone dying or someone committing suicide (no one we'd ever heard of usually) or Alex P Keaton admitting he's a drunk or whatever that episode of Family Ties was about)? If Blossom abused that tag and didn't deliver a car accident or a miscarriage or something, then they should be ashamed of themselves! Mayim, shame on you.