Friday, November 17, 2006

"Mary Poppins" -- Practically Perfect Reviews

The NY Daily News throws shamelessness to the wind and calls the new musical "Marry Poppins" a jolly holiday. The NY Post follows suit in an even more gushing rave and says it's "supercalifragi..." oh, you know the rest. Variety does allow the show is a bit overstuffed, but overstuffed mostly with talent and charm. But, BUT the New York Times delivers a devastating review. Not cruel, but emphatically negative. Personally, I enjoyed the UK version but was hoping for real greatness. I knew the American version would be boldly fixing what I thought was wrong if they changed the treacly finale "Anything Can Happen," which undercut the (ever so slightly) darker tone of the show. Instead, the American version seems to have brightened up the rest of the show to fit the tone of the finale. The show has been a solid, but not spectacular hit in the UK. I'd expect the same here, despite the NYT review -- a run of a few years and that's about it.

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