Monday, November 27, 2006

Princess Di Charity Concert Organized By Princes

Next year, Princes William and Harry will commemorate the 10th anniversary of their mother's death with a benefit concert at Wembley. Expect Elton John, Goerge Michael (here's a rave review from his current tour), Beyonce and others. All well and good. The silly part: one reader felt obliged to tell the BBC they thought this was wonderful, "as long as all profits go to charity." As if William and Harry are hurting for money or would skim money off the top. And Sunday Times "Royal Watcher" Christpher Morgan managed to be wrong and obnoxious on this mild news item. He called the concert an "imaginative idea." Imaginative? Appropriate, yes. But since their dad runs an annual benefit concert called the Prince's Trust and since their mom loved pop music and was friends with many stars like John, imaginative is hardly the right word. Then Morgan said, "Many people think they've been a bit muted about sharing their thoughts of their mother." By "many people," Morgan presumably means himself. And how crass -- they've been "muted?" What exactly should teenage children be doing to promote the memory of their mother? Lots of TV interviews and newspaper columns penned every year?

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