Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gotta Run Again

My Thandie Newton interview was delayed for an hour so now I have no more time to post. Off to see Irwin Winkler's "Home Of The Brave" (about returning Iraqi vets) followed by musician Richard Swift at Mercury Lounge.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

You said that Wil Smith's new film was "shockingly" good. How good was Thandie Newton in it? A couple of us are dying to know.


Michael in New York said...


Thandie has a small but important role. She is gone after the first 15 minutes of the movie. Thandie plays Will Smith's wife who is working double time while he flounders financially. She is just worn done by his inability to carry his own weight and ultimately leaves for New York. It's a tricky role, since she could easily be seen as the bad guy and -- while leaving your child, especially with someone with no income -- is a horrible act, Thandie makes it understandable. Certainly it's one of her best roles and though she's of course stunningly beautiful she doesn't look ridiculous as some stars can when playing a working woman. Like the movie, her performance is very natural and low-key so I doubt anyone will pay attention to it come awards time and it's so early in the film that really the movie is about Will Smith and his son. But she does a very good job.

Michael in New York said...

But I won't be surprised at all if Will Smith is a Best Actor nominee and I know the movie will be a big hit and could be a dark horse for one of the Best Picture slots a la Scent of a Woman.

Anonymous said...

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