Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend Box Office -- How Did "Deja Vu" Do?

I just wanted to make use of that play on voodoo in the headline. But in fact, Denzel Washington shows yet again that he is an exceptionally dependable action thriller star, opening film after film in the $20+ million range. "Deja Vu," despite being a tad confusing sci-fi thriller of sorts that had sat around for a while, did $29 mil over the five day weekend and held very well on Saturday, showing that audiences might have liked this one more than critics and it might have decent legs. Meanwhile, "Happy Feet" and Bond tore it up, "Bobby" failed to expand well, "The Fountain" ran dry and "Volver" "The History Boys" and "The Queen" continued to shine in limited release. "Tenacious D" -- which is clearly NOT a Thanksgiving weekend type film -- was hurt by its idiotic release date and opened just behind "The Fountain." The Top 10 for the three day weekend (not including Thanksgiving) per Box Office Mojo.

1. Happy Feet -- $37.9 million ($100.1 million total)
2. Casino Royale -- $31 mil ($94.2 mil total)
3. Deja Vu -- $20.8 mil ($29 mil total)
4. Deck The Halls -- $12 mil ($16.9 mil total)
5. Borat -- $10.4 mil ($109.3 mil total)
6. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause -- $10 mil ($67.2 mil total)
7. Stranger Than Fiction -- $6 mil ($32.8 mil total)
8. Flushed Away -- $5.8 mil ($57.4 mil total)
9. Bobby -- $4.9 mil ($6.2 mil total)
10. The Fountain -- $3.7 mil ($5.4 mil total)

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