Monday, November 20, 2006

Paid Programming -- My New Addiction

Like I don't watch enough TV, now I've got a new addiction: watching late night paid programming. My current favorite is for the EdenPure heating system -- the acting is so unbelievably bad, I'm sure that John Waters either directed or has taped it and watches the thing over and over again. (There's a saucy old lady who rolls her eyes in delirious delight over the "moist" pleasures of EdenPure, a coded gay message and a 'scientist" so stiff and awkward and lovably inept that even Ed Wood might hesitate before using him in a film. Catch it if you can.

The New York Times has a good piece on more late night filler, this time on interactive game shows were people all over the world are bilked into calling in to win cash prizes -- most people just get a recorded message and are billed a dime to $1 for the pleasure of trying to play. Did I mention the hosts are babes in lingerie?

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