Friday, November 17, 2006

Weekend Movie Preview

Bond Vs. Penguins. That's the basic matchup this weekend. Box Office Prophets predicts Happy Feet (the dancing and singing animated penguin movie) will be #1 at the Box Office with about $45 million. They say Casino Royale will make about $39 million. I say they're crazy. The BBC reports that Bond is already breaking box office records in the UK. Happy Feet has to compete with the solid family film holdovers The Santa Clause 3 and Flushed Away. James Bond has no competition whatsoever. Not only is a Bond film a world unto itself, there hasn't been a good kiss-kiss-bang-bang action film in weeks or even months. Bond has also enjoyed a tidal wave of publicity while Happy Feet is relatively under the radar. I'm actually looking forward to Happy Feet, since I think director George Miller (Mad Max, Lorenzo's Oil, the Babe movies) is one of the most distinctive talents around. But Bond will be #1 or I'll have this blog commit hari-kari.

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