Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Film To Be Passionate About

And just to counteract all the agnostic/atheistic leanings of the previous posts, here's a movie I haven't seen yet but want to: "The Nativity Story." Keisha Castle-Hughes plays Mary and I'm hopeful she'll make her a real character rather than a sainted icon. From the trailer alone, "The Nativity Story" seems much closer to the important message of the Gospels than a thousand bloody, violent, nihilistic viewings of "The Passion Of The Christ." Here's one you can take the kids to, and shouldn't you think twice before seeing a movie about Christ that you WOULDN'T take the kids to? Here's the official website and here's the trailer via Apple.


Anonymous said...

Keira Knightley? No.
Whale Rider's Keisha Castle Hughes? Yes.

Biboy said...

Thanks, anonymous. I've been in a car for the past two days away from an internet connection and cursing myself for my stupid mistake which I realized about five minutes after I left my apartment in NYC. However, you did win me a bet since the moment we arrived I said there would be a comment correcting me cause nothing gets people blogging like a gotcha. (I do it too.) I'd give you credit but of course, you're anonymous.

Michael in New York said...

Actually, that was my comment above, posted from my friend's house in Illinois where I spent Thanksgiving.