Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Does "Rocky" Have Punch?

Or is it just a punchline? I saw the trailer for "Rocky Balboa" over the weekend and the audience I was with managed to applaud ironically -- not an easy thing to do when you're clutching popcorn and waiting for a Bond flick in which James is -- God help us -- vulnerable and in love. But when Stallone started to stumble through yet another comeback, the audience giggled and then laughed and then sort of applauded, but only in a knowing, "isn't this what we're supposed to do" manner. Happily, Stallone seems to have the right take on the film, according to the New York Times. He's portraying the 60 year old Rocky not as a boxer making another comeback but as an athelete trying to eke out every ounce of talent left in him, even if he knows he's doomed. Maybe there's hope for this one after all. Just don't ask me to see the next Rambo.

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