Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Barry Manilow CD Debuts At Number One

We told you on Monday it was likely and now it's happened: Barry Manilow debuts at Number One at Billboard with his new album The Greatest Songs Of The Fifties. It's his first Number One since a live album in 1977. But as NYCD online pointed out, Manilow's resurgence was evident when his greatest hits CD Ultimate Manilow debuted at Number Three in 2002. And a lot of old fogeys trooped to the record stores this week. Check out the Top Ten:

1. Barry Manilow -- The Greatest Songs of the Fifties
2. Mary J. Blige -- The Breakthrough
3. Andrea Bocelli -- Amore
4. Jamie Foxx -- Unpredictable
5. Heather Headley -- In My Mind
6. Il Divo -- Ancora
7. Eminem -- Curtain Call: The Greatest Hits
8. Carrie Underwood -- Some Hearts
9. James Blunt -- Back To Bedlam
10. Train -- For Me, It's You


Anonymous said...

Looks like he made it. (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)

Anonymous said...

That is a pretty old-people list: Barry Manilow, Bocelli, Il Divo -- I hope the record stores played Yellowcard really loud while they were in there.

popparazzi said...

I LOVED Copacabana as a kid. God help me. And I love that he didn't write "I Write the Songs." That is just too perfect an example of irony.

truthisoutthere said...

Is it too much to hope Eminem really is quitting the business?