Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Broadway Box Office: Harry Connick Green On White Way

Harry Connick Jr. flopped when he wrote the Broadway musical Thou Shalt Not. But as a performer, he's doing great: starring in a revival of The Pajama Game, Connick is playing to 90% full houses in previews and the buzz is good. Buzz is bad for Chita Rivera, who closes her one-woman show despite (overly) kind reviews for The Dancer's Life. She's a legend but the show was barely worthy of her. Also looking for an audience is the Neil Simon revival of Barefoot in the Park. (Maybe they should have waited till Matthew Broderick was available to play the Robert Redford role.) Finally, David Lindsay-Abaire's drama Rabbit Hole feasted on a rave in the New York Times and jumped more than 40% in sales. The Number One show on Broadway? Still Wicked.


Anonymous said...

Since his originals always paled in comparison to the standards, I'm not surprised Connick's musical failed. Him singing Steram Heat makes a lot more sense than writing some turgid new drama.

popparazzi said...

I used to really like Harry Connick, until he forgot about singing standards (and working at getting better at them) and started writing too many originals, a rap song (!) and other foolishness. It's a pity -- he could have been the real deal, but IO don't think any of his albums count as classics or even as the best he could do.

Anonymous said...

He's been good in some movies and TV shows. I'd go see him. If I were in NYC.