Tuesday, February 07, 2006

CDs Out Today

If you're heading to the record stores, keep these releases in mind:

Richard Thompson -- RT: The Life and Times of Richard Thompson -- a five CD boxed set of one of my favorite artists of all time. Thompson just received a lifetime achievement award at the annual folk awards in the UK, but he's as much of a rock and roller as anything.

Belle & Sebastian -- Life Pursuit -- a more poppish sound for the Scottish navel-gazers, though only in comparison. I'm still looking for an English-language version of the children's book that inspired their name.

Dead Boy and Elephant Man -- We Are Night Sky -- a rock duo a la White Stripes, with early raves from Rolling Stone, Esquire, et al.

For a great rundown of current music, check out the blog of NYCD, my favorite online music store.

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Anonymous said...

B&S's last good CD was Tigermilk.