Tuesday, February 14, 2006

George Clooney Has A Date For The Oscars

You gotta love George Clooney -- after being attacked as a traitor simply for saying he thought invading Iraq was a bad idea, Clooney has mastered the art of getting across his political beliefs without seeming to take himself too seriously. Generally, he seems to be poking fun at himself and his liberal image when in fact he's letting everyone know exactly what he thinks. Take this comment from the annual Oscar luncheon for nominees. Clooney was asked if he had a date yet for the big night:
Clooney drew a laugh at a pre-lunch press conference when he said, "I am bringing Dick Cheney as my date. He was so nice. He called me and invited me to go hunting."
Sean Penn, please take notes.


Anonymous said...

Clooney is on the list -- my wife would leave me for him in a flash and I can't object.

comixgal said...

I thought I was his date. Damn.