Wednesday, February 15, 2006

James Bond Watch -- Two Weeks And Still No Bond Girl

Principal photography began on Casino Royale on January 29th with Daniel Craig in the lead but without a Bond girl or even a villain. The Bond producers are holding a press conference today but insist no casting news will be announced. (So why have a press conference?) They're fighting off rumors that the movie makes hay of the accidental killing of an innocent man in the British subway during the London bombing scare. And the likely Bond girls are reportedly Eva Green of The Dreamers or Olivia Wilde of The OC. The Bond villain is reportedly Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. Clearly, they've decided Bond sells itself and doesn't need big names.


Anonymous said...

Eva Green? Olivia Wilde? Thsoe really are Bond GIRLS. How about a woman?

popparazzi said...

I could live with Eva Green. I mean that literally.

Anonymous said...

They must really be trying to do this movie on a dime -- couldn't they pay enough to get some famous people to help launch Craig?