Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Surfing Through "Gilmore Girls"

Another decent episode. Directorboy points out that the last few episodes WITHOUT the Palladinos have been far more consistent and satisfying than the rest of the season. Problems: Christopher calling Lorelai to fink on Rory before she'd had two minutes to tell her mom she'd moved in w Logan made no sense. Was it supposed to show Christopher as a maturing dad? Just dumb. Also dumb was Rory's attaining the editorship by having it fall into her lap. It's been her dream to be a journalist -- shouldn't she have PURSUED this job, rather than letting Paris grab it? Even when Paris failed, Rory didn't even give her some tough love, like saying, "You suck as an editor!" Then at least their falling out could have been genuine -- instead Rory just wimpily avoided confrontation with Paris AND with the staff and it just happened. Must be nice to have a wealthy boyfriend, not to mention relatives fighting over who gets to pay for your tuition. Note to self: Call Emily and Richard Gilmore.


Anonymous said...

I stopped watching when Luke's 12 year old daughter showed up. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

It's an ok soap though it stopped being great about three years ago. Logan is kind of hot,I'm embarrassed to say.