Monday, February 13, 2006

Weekend Box Office -- Final Figures

You can't keep a good franchise - or a bad detective - down. Though The Pink Panther had been delayed again and again and featured a bad trailer and even worse tie-ins (Sweet & Low?), it debuted at the top of the box office. (All those generic family films Steve Martin stars in have apparently made him catnip for kids.) In other big news, Oscar hopeful Brokeback Mountain is slowing down at the box office, making $100 million less likely unless it takes the top prize. Fortunately for it, no other contenders have caught fire.

1. The Pink Panther -- $21.7 million
2. Final Destination 3 -- $20.1 million
3. Curious George -- $15.3 million
4. Firewall -- $13.8 million
5. When A Stranger Calls -- $10 million ($34.8 million total)
6. Big Momma's House 2 -- $6.8 ($54.8 million total)
7. Nanny McPhee -- $5.2 million ($33.2 million total)
8. Brokeback Mountain -- $4.2 million ($66.6 million total)
9. Hoodwinked! -- $2.5 million ($47.4 million total)
10. Underworld: Evolution -- $2.5 million ($57.2 million total)


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone go see The Pink Panther? Peter Sellers was Clouseau and even the last few of his were pretty awful.

Anonymous said...

Curious George was sort of sweet-- and at least it looked good, not like the junky Hoodwinked.

popparazzi said...

What was Harrison Ford's last good movie? Devil's Own w Brad Pitt? Air Force One? Both okay, but the last honest-to-goodness good movie was The Fugitive and that was 13 years ago. Sad.