Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Radio Legend Norman Corwin

Every year for the past decade, I've tried to convince someone to let me profile radi legend Norman Corwin -- one obvious tie-in is VE-Day, when he and an all-star cast delivered one of the most stirring, thoughtful and prescient broadcasts in history (though the war was still raging and Nazi Germany barely subdued, Corwin struck just the right note with words that haven't dated a smidgen). He worked with virtually every major star and wrote absolutely terrific pieces. I've failed every time in getting to do that story, even after a documentary short about Corwin won the Oscar. He's a brilliant talent in a long-fading genre of radio. I've got a number of CDs of his broadcasts, a few books with transcripts of his work and whatever else I can find. But sadly I've never spoken to him. Some lucky bastard at the LA Times did.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow OTR fans:

It's so hard to find anything on DVD about OTR. In fact, you might say it is impossible. In my quest to search for more material on the subject I recently discovered a DVD movie called "The Poet Laureate of Radio, An Interview with Norman Corwin". I found this interview to be very informative. It's fun to listen to this man whose time spent during this period is the stuff of legends. Even Hollywood movie critic Leonard Maltin reviewed the DVD and gave it high praise. Check it out when you get a chance. I've provided the link below.

Long live OTR,