Thursday, August 17, 2006

Billboard's Music Charts

Fergie is at #1 again with her silly song "London Bridge," which drives me crazy because I think the Gnarls Barkley tune (stuck at #2) is the best song of the summer. And here are the Top 10 CDs:

1. Rick Ross -- Port of Miami
2. Breaking Benjamin -- Phobia
3. Various Artists -- Now 22
4. Cassie -- Cassie
5. Slayer -- Christ Illusion
6. Soundtrack -- Step Up
7. Various Artists -- Kidz Bop 10
8. Gnarls Barkley -- St. Elsewhere
9. DMX -- Year Of The Dog...Again
10. Nickelback -- All The Right Reasons


Mary Mary why you buggin said...

I want to know why you haven't posted yet on the more important Billboard chart - digital ringtones. Bubba Sparxxx's "Ms. New Booty" is standing strong against the Super Mario ring tone...

Michael in New York said...

Indeed, ringtones will sell $600 mil in the US and $4.4 BILLION worldwide this year. That's equal to about 60 million CDs in the US and 440 million CDs worldwide. That's rarely mentioned when discussing the music industry. I also need to cover the iTunes chart regularly. (And you were joking....)

Muratos said...

See the huge list of music charts of all times.. 1950s to now. Great website.