Monday, August 14, 2006

Fox Wasting Time And Money With Movie Digital Downlaods

Fox News Corp managed to score some headlines by saying it was aggressively expanding its online sale of digital downloads for movies and TV shows. They're trying to piggyback on MySpace, which Fox just bought and the really "clever" innovation is that they'll have links to buy stuff on say, the home page of "24" or an actor or a particular movie's MySpace page. Of course, this sort of corporate takeover of MySpace will have people fleeing that network in droves. There's a big difference between a band promoting themselves and a multinational corporation pusing a movie. And what exactly are they selling? $20 digital downloads of, say, "X-Men: The Last Stand" that can't be burned onto a DVD and watched on your DVD player and certainly can't be downloaded to an iPod. All you can do is watch these digital downloads on your computer screen or a Windows-compatible device that no one owns since everyone owns an iPod. Or of course you could buy a two disc DVD set for the same price loaded with extras and watchable anywhere. Gee, I wonder which one I would buy.

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