Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Get Ready To Buy Elvis Costello's "Imperial Bedroom" -- Again

Elivs Costello's back catalog is the cheapest of whores, offering its wares to all comers. Classics like "Imperial Bedroom," "King of America" and "Almost Blue" have been lavishly reissued by Rykodisc and then lavishly reissued again by Rhino in lavish two-disc sets JUST LAST YEAR. But now Universal is going to put them all out again in what will be the "definitive reissues." More definitive than last week's reissue but not, presumably, as definitive as next week's reissue. Every album will be guaranteed to contain one new track (whether an original or a slightly different mix or take of a song) just so true fans will feel obliged to fork out another $18. Oh and they'll also make available Elvis Costello ringtones. Thank goodness.

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