Monday, August 07, 2006

Hello Elliott Brood

I was visiting in Toronto a few years ago when I stumbled into a club and watched some acts perform, most of them dipping into bluegrass and folk of one sort or another. One duo astonished me: Elliott Brood. How often do you walk into a club and hear an unheralded band and think, damn, they're REALLY good? Not often. After every song, I thought, wow, that was good too. By the end, I was a fan, I bought their EP and spoke to the guys who seemed ready to believe I could book them a NYC gig in a moment. That didn't happen but I've kept an eye on them, wondering if they would fade away or keep at it. Now a Globe and Mail article about Canadian artists grooving on the Americana sound of the Band et al brought me up to date: Elliott Brood is big in Spain (!) and what I think is their debut album came out in February. Maybe this time I WILL get them to NYC. Check out their EP too -- it has a classic "city song" (you know, a song that namechecks places like Detroit, Miami, LA, etc) in "Oh Alberta." Can't wait to hear how they've developed.

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