Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Gibson's Apology Accepted By ADL

Thank goodness, since even if he's a jerk that's no reason for them to behave like ones too. I mean, how much more kow-towing could Gibson have done in that apology? He's still a jerk and he always will be one -- we can't expect everyone in the world to stop being a bigot. But we can expect that if they're stupid enough to make their repugnant views public that they will heartily and strongly apologize and beg forgiveness and come speak on Yom Kippur etc. What else could you ask? Roger Friedman of Fox News reminds us that Gibson has been a racist anti-Semite for years and couldn't bring himself to avoid sounding like a Holocaust-denier even when given the chance by friends. Liz Smith reminds us he's been a homophobe for years, but wisely says it won't necessarily derail his career. Oh and everyone who vehemently defended "The Passion of the Christ" and insisted that anyone was CRAZY to suggest it was vile and anti-Semitic should apologize profusely. But they won't.

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