Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Reincarnation Of Marilyn Monroe

I thought nothing could make me laugh more today than that Paris Hilton interview. But now the LA Times has a feature on this would-be pop singer Sherrie Lea Laird who claims she is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe -- not that she wants any attention, mind you. The hilarious quotes are endless.
"In science, and I'm a scientist, we end up believing in what we prove scientifically," [says her psychiatrist Adrian] Finkelstein in a recent interview. "I established through research that Sherrie Lea Laird is the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe...."

Laird said she did not dress up like Monroe or impersonate her, although she did agree to pose as the late actress for some photos for the book as a way to draw comparisons with what Finkelstein says are the similarities between the two women. Laird also insisted she was not trying to cash in on Finkelstein's book and has not been paid for her work on the book, nor would she share in any profit from sales. She also said her fellow band members were concerned about her coming forward at this time for fear that it would hurt the group's credibility. (That said, they will be performing in Los Angeles this week after she makes the rounds of news conferences and talk shows to promote the book on the eve of the anniversary of Monroe's death....)

Laird also said that her love affair with JFK began as early as 1954 and didn't end until two months before the actress' death. She recalled driving with the future president in either 1957 or 1958 and how they were "playing around" and "touching" while in the car.

Her face contorted, her body trembling, the hypnotized Laird gripped Finkelstein's hand tightly as she cried out: "I don't want him [JFK] to leave me. My arms are numb. Help me, help me, help me! Help me, help me!..."

Finkelstein came to another startling conclusion that may be harder to swallow, for some, than Sherrie Laird being Marilyn Monroe. He believes her daughter, Kezia, is the reincarnation of Gladys Baker, Monroe's mother. He noted that Kezia was conceived within days of Baker's death in 1984.

"It seems that immediately upon her death, Gladys made a 'reservation' to be born to Sherrie," Finkelstein writes in his book.


Ed Sikov said...

Why, oh why must his name be Finkelstein?

It's a shande, I tell you - a shande!

Michael in New York said...

I know, I know. You could NOT make this stuff up.