Friday, August 11, 2006

"Sesame Street" Moves Closer To "Avenue Q"

I'd always heard that the Sesame Street people were NOT pleased with Avenue Q. Not because they were offended (the annual staff parties with puppet skits would make Avenue Q seem like Little Bo Peep). But because Avenue Q lifted a little too much from the Jim Henson style. But Brian Henson says polite things about Q while talking up his naughty show "Jim Henson's Puppet Improv." They do a kiddie version during the day and then an adult version at night. With the nature of improv, the hardest part must be remembering which audience your'e performing for. Henson would like it to become a TV show. Maybe for Comedy Central? I'm just sorry that once the Muppets were bought by Disney that the support for the biannual Jim Henson International Puppet Festival dried up. That was always a highlight of the year for me.


Danielk said...

Muppet improv? I hope it doesn't lead to heavy drug use, like it did in Second City during the seventies. "Take the rod out of my wrist, man, I need some horse."

Michael in New York said...

I didn't know about that at second City. I'd heard about the rampant cocaine use by Kulka, Fran and Ollie but of course everyone's heard about that.