Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sony Joins Disney In Trashing Their Franchises With Direct-To-DVD Junk

Disney once treated their crown jewels - animated classics like "Bambi" and "Cinderella" -- with tremendous care and respect. And that turned those movies into perennial moneymakers. But for years now they've been cheapening those legacies with shoddy, direct-to-DVD spin-offs and sequels that have made them a ton of money but lowered their standards and dumbed-down their audience. No wonder they needed rescuing from Pixar and here's hoping Pixar puts a stop to all that crap. But direct-to-DVD titles -- whether it's another "sequel" to "American Pie" or whatever -- make money so now everyone is jumping on board. Sony has started a new division to do that. Their first project? A 13 part animated series of "Spider-Man" that couldn't cut it on regular TV. Gee, "Spider-Man" is just their most valuable franchise, with the third movie in a literally multi-billion dollar juggernaut coming out next summer. No reason not to chip away at the critical acclaim and coolness of that invaluable title by shoving a cheapo animated version on the market. Good going, guys.

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