Friday, September 01, 2006

Bush Assassinated...In Upcoming Britsh TV Movie

"Death Of A President" -- airing October 4th on UK's Channel 4 spinoff More4 late at night -- uses a documentary style to show Bush being assassinated in Chicago in 2007 and follows the investigation as it focuses on a Syrian-born man. The White House refuses to comment, the Texas Republican Party thinks it's terrible and one idiot from a UK pressure group MediaWatch thinks the movie is "irresponsible" and could "put ideas into people's heads." Yes, it takes a TV movie to give people the "idea" that public leaders might be in harm's way, just like newspapers that report human rights abuses are actually "endangering" the troops rather than holding them to the same standard we'd expect of cops and firemen and other public workers. Naturally, a quick look for MediaWatch UK finds them to be a typical far right group that -- instead of focusing on what it wants to celebrate or encouraging entertainment it likes -- simply tries to attack and smear and shut down anything they don't approve of and to hell with what anyone else might believe. I much prefer Mediawatchwatch. No US distributor for the film yet and I can't imagine who would take it -- HBO? IFC? Fox?

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