Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Katie Couric: She Did It!

Yes, it was truly astonishing to see a woman host the evening news. Couric was fine. Nice to see a meaty three or four minute piece on how Afghanistan is falling apart and Couric even undercut her natural conservative tendencies by having Thomas Friedman comment on Bush's (in)actions in the war on terror. An entire section devoted to photos? Surely that won't be a nightly occurence. And freeSpeech was silly: thank God we can find room for the unheard voices of people like filmmaker Morgan Spurlock radio giant Rush Limbaugh. Really, the editorial comments from Bob Schieffer will be welcome. But it's impossible to condense the news of the day into 23 minutes. Do we really need filler from "regular folk" and celebrities mouthing off? They were wise to use Walter Cronkite's voice as the intro but even her lack of a signature goodbye was annoying when they turned it into an opportunity for some more "interactivity" with viewers by sending them (again) to the web. Her ratings of course were huge.

But the real (sad) news was spotlighted by Howard Kurtz who points out that NBC LED with the death of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. Like there's not enough going on in the world that they had to LEAD with that.

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