Thursday, November 02, 2006

50 Cent To Star In Movie With De Niro

To get my acting career going, I'm thinking of recording a rap album. Meanwhile, 50 Cent and De Niro are set to star in New Orleans. De Niro plays a cop who thought his partner died in Katrina but discovers there was foul play. I'm especially interested in this project because the director is Tim Hunter. He made "Tex" (the early breakthrough for Matt Dillon) and "River's Edge" (with Keanu Reeves among others) and Hunter was one of the very first artists I ever interviewed. He's done mostly TV work since then, including such terrific shows as "Twin Peaks," "Deadwood," "Homicide" and the delightful kid's show "Eerie, Indiana." Anything that puts him back on top is good.

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