Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Billboard's Top 10 CDs -- Not Many People Ate Up Meat Loaf

A bit of a disappointment for Mr. Loaf, I'm afraid. His record label pulled out all the stops for the launch of "Bat Out Of Hell III" -- Meat Loaf even did a very fun series of one night stands around the world performing his biggest Bat hits. It all came together with the perfect release date: Halloween. And still he only debuted at #8. (Mind you, his only other Top 10 album was "Bat Out Of Hell II," but still. He's doing better in Europe, where the album debuted in the top 5 and his duet with Raven "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" just debuted at #14. But the song is nowhere to be seen on the UK or US singles charts. The Who also debut way down at #7, but they didn't even seem to try. Mr. Loaf was out pounding the pavement. The Billboard Top 10:

1. Soundtrack -- Hannah Montana
2. Barry Manilow -- The Greatest Songs Of The Sixties
3. Birdman and L'il Wayne -- Like Father, Like Son
4. John Legend -- Once Again
5. Justin Timberlake -- FutureSexy/LoveSounds
6. My Chemical Romance -- The Black Parade
7. The Who -- Endless Wire
8. Meat Loaf -- Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose
9. Kellie Pickler -- Small Town Girl
10. Deftones -- Saturday Night Wrist

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