Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Lost" Will Soon Be Lost For Three Months

Well, it's certainly better than mixing in a bunch of repeats with new episodes, says the New York Times. But I think "Lost" -- which has lost more viewers than any other returning show on ABC -- is going to be really hurt by this gap. Are people going to realize they don't miss it (the way I did when I went cold turkey a few weeks ago) or are they going to be primed for more episodes in January? I think ABC should have had the courage to go with a "24" style run and do all new episodes beginning in January. They were too afraid to keep one of their big hits off the fall schedule. Of course, what they didn't realize is that it ISN'T one of their biggest hits anymore. "Desperate Housewives" has righted itself (commercially) and "Dancing With The Stars" is getting bigger and bigger. But "Lost" has faded quite a lot this year.

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