Monday, November 13, 2006

"Friday Night Lights" Scores Touchdown!!!!!!!

The favorite new series of Popsurfing finally gets some good news. NBC has ordered the back nine for "Friday Night Lights" -- they'll be making all 22 episodes of the series, thanks to a steady audience (everyone who watches the show stays with it), good demos among younger people, growth in the second half hour (another indicator people like what they see) and the simple fact that "FNL" did better than "Studio 60" when it aired Monday at 10 p.m. no matter how you slice the numbers. And the fact that NBC only has one new hit ("Heroes," also fun) and is using "Deal Or No Deal" to fill up timeslots doesn't hurt either. Like "American Dreams," "FNL" is quality family television with enough smarts and complexity to keep any intelligent viewer watching. What are you waiting for? Go to iTunes and catch up, watch last week's episode for free at NBC's website and get with the program. By the way, I HATE football and the culture surrounding it, so you know you don't have to be a fan to enjoy this thoughtful, engrossing drama.

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