Monday, November 13, 2006

Springsteen and Paul Simon In London

Two great shows in London. Paul Simon didn't come close to selling out Wembley Arena (a curtain blocked off the back third of the place), but he still delivered the goods. And Bruce Springsteen's raucous, as-good-as-ever concerts -- a rock and roll hootenany that is rousingly fun -- blew the lid off the same stadium. Springsteen couldn't even sell out Madison Square Garden for ONE NIGHT (shame on you, New York), but the concerts are clearly such a blast for him and so satisfying creatively that I pray he swings back through NYC one more time before calling a halt to this current tour. My friend Kitty Bowe was in Cologne, Germany just a few days before Springsteen was playing there. She couldn't possibly justify staying a few extra days. So, she's heading back for the airport from Berlin and suddenly realizes she can't find her passport. She's literally stuck in Cologne since she has to wait till the 6th (a Monday) to get her passport and so can't fly out till election day. How to make the best of a terrible situation? Of course, she went to the concert, got a great seat on the side of the stage and found herself sitting next to...a guy from Jersey. The show was extraordinary (and she's been seeing him in concert since the 70s), as good as she'e ver seen him and then she gets to fly home and find out the election results. A very happy few days for her.

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