Thursday, November 09, 2006

LA Times Treats "Heroes" In An Ugly Way

The LA Times celebrates the success of "Ugly Betty." Fine, but since they should be the paper of record when it comes to entertainment stories, what excuse do they have for saying this:
More than 14 million viewers, mostly women of diverse ethnic backgrounds and ages, have made "Ugly Betty" the No. 1 new show in total viewers.
Actually, "Heroes" on NBC is the Number One new show on TV. And "Ugly Betty" doesn't reach more than 14 million viewers a week. Last week, it reached 13.6 million. The week before, 13.3 million. The week before 13.07 million. And the week before 13.81 million. Only the first two weeks of the show broke 14 million. In contrast, "Heroe" has beaten "Ugly Betty" almost every week and usually hitting more than 14 million. (Last week it hit 14.9 million.) "Ugly Betty" is a big success but "Heroes" is the #1 new show of the fall.

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